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Marine VHF Antenna

3 foot  / 3dB

• 3 foot stainless steel marine VHF antenna with 3dB Gain

• 1"-14 Stainless Steel ferrule adapter included for simple

   M101 connection

• Stainless steel radiator for maximum transmit and

   receive performance

• FME male termination

• Supplied with 20' of low loss RG-8X and terminated

   with FME (mini UHF) connectors

• 5 Year Warranty


3 Foot Marine VHF

Antenna Mount
20' Extension 

A430-VSS antenna is a high performance 3 foot antenna designed to transmit and receive on Marine VHF channels. Supplied with 20’ of low loss RG-8X and terminated with FME (mini UHF) connectors make the A430-VSS antenna easy to install as there is no soldering needed.

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